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10 Fun Things to do this Summer in Frisco

At The Blue Elephant in Frisco, TX, we hope you and your family have a wonderful summer filled with relaxation and fun in the sun! If you are looking for things to do with your little ones this summer, take the advice of our child learning center and check out these 10 fun things to do this summer in Frisco. We guarantee they will not disappoint!

1. Sci-Tech Discovery Center

If your kids love interactive science exhibits and museums, this discovery center is for you! There are several hands-on exhibits that will allow your kids to explore science and understand the world around them.

2. National Videogame Museum

Come visit your favorite videogame characters and more! This museum has working consoles from every period so your kids can see the games you used to love and the modern-day versions.

3. The Star in Frisco

Frisco is home to seven professional sporting teams including the Dallas Cowboys. The Star is located just outside the Cowboys Ford Center and has several things to do including shopping, dining, art, and a large green space to run and play.

4. Frisco Heritage Center & Museum

At this heritage site, you can explore the park and historical buildings to see how Frisco has changed from a small train station into a fascinating city. The Frisco Heritage Center & Museum will allow your kids and family to explore the past and dive a bit deeper into Frisco’s history.

5. Frisco Commons Park

Enjoy an afternoon walk or plan a picnic in the Frisco Commons. This area is a city favorite because there is space to run and play or go on a leisurely walk. And, it’s great for kids of all ages!

6. Traintopia

Do your kids love trains? If so, this is the place for them! Explore the train toys and train models throughout the museum and exhibits.

7. KidZania

KidZania isn’t exactly a museum, as there are no artifacts or exhibits. It’s an interactive kid-focused experience that allows children to explore independently. In fact, in some areas of the museum, parents cannot participate or even enter. It’s truly just for kids!

8. Frisco Junior Ranger Program

This program is great for kids looking to get more involved in nature. It’s designed for children aged 5-10 and allows them to get an in depth look at nature in Frisco with guided supervision.

9. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Walk amongst the babbling brookes, flowers, and trees at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This area is great for kids and adults alike.

10. Splash Water Parks

This is the perfect hot-day activity. Allow your kids to run and play in the splashing water. It’ll tire them out for a good night’s rest.

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We hope you and your family have an absolutely fantastic summer exploring everything Frisco has to offer. For other kid-friendly ideas and activities, never hesitate to contact The Blue Elephant and our child learning center staff in Frisco, TX. We look forward to seeing you soon!