Building confidence is part of your child's emotional growth.

4 Ways Summer Camps Encourage Confidence

A boy plays outside at The Blue Elephant

As parents, you’re going to need a break occasionally when school is out. You might need to make time for a doctor’s appointment, important bank business, or even just to have time to have coffee or lunch with another adult. We at Blue Elephant have a two-pronged mission: We want to give your special-needs child the best experience possible, and we want you to be able to enjoy some alone time as well. Summer camp gives children increased confidence in their everyday lives by exposing them to things that they might not otherwise encounter.

1. Building Relationships

Interpersonal skills are important building blocks for all children, particularly those with special needs. Often, children have not yet learned to accept folks who are different from them. By being with peers who have similar challenges to them, children with special needs will begin to learn that they have worth simply as people. Making friends is tough in today’s world, and we’ll help your child develop the friendship-building skills needed to be able to make those new friends.

2. Interacting With Adult Role Models

Your children’s world seems very small to them. You might be the only adult, or adults, with whom your child has regular contact. At Blue Elephant, your child will interact with compassionate, kind, and responsible adults who will model successful behaviors. This ties in with relationship building. Children who see healthy relationships between adults and others will learn to develop such relationships with their peers. Our interactions with children of different ages are age-appropriate for those children, which makes them comfortable in their development. Find out how.

3. Independent Development

Developing the ability to interact with their peers is a crucial skill for children’s development. This is so much more than the proverbial, “Play nice with others,” trope. Forced behavior is seldom beneficial. Instead, we seek to inspire good behavior and deportment, which empowers your children to feel good about learning and accomplishing things. As they learn, your children can also become models of behavior, deportment, and learning for others. That will, in turn, create even more of a sense of accomplishment in your children.

4. Physical Activity

In the 21st century, children are becoming more sedentary. That’s because of the prevalence of both screens and fears of unknown dangers lurking everywhere. At Blue Elephant, our curriculum is comprehensive, including many hands-on activities and opportunities for exercise. By being active together with their peers, your children will be able to apply many of the interpersonal skills they learn while being with us. Check us out!

We provide your children with exceptional experiences at Blue Elephant. Learning, development, and fulfillment await your children in our programs. We look forward to meeting you.