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5 Major Benefits of Summer School

Summer school is something we know a thing or two about here at The Blue Elephant Learning Center. There are usually negative connotations attached to it, but summer school is quite helpful for kids of all ages and learning styles. Summer school is there to keep students on track, sure, but it can do so much more. Read on to find out more.

Prevent Learning Loss

Summer school prevents learning loss. Just a few months away from school can result in a drop-off of learned information. Math skills tend to suffer the most, plus low-income students tend to experience a loss in reading skills. These losses don’t recover come fall but instead result in more losses with each passing summer.

Keeps Students From Falling Behind

Summer makes it easy for kids to get behind in their learning progress. Summer school helps students who have failed or come close to failing a class catch up and improve their learning methods. Repeating a class in the fall will only add to a student’s stress.

Getting Ahead Instead

In summer school, kids get the chance to spring ahead. They can complete several classes in the summer and end up graduating early. Even elementary school students can get ahead of their peers with summer school help.

Honing Focus

At our learning center in Frisco, we’ve seen how well students can hone their focus with the proper guidance. And that is something your child can get in summer school. They will have guided learning, and with this structure comes a more pinpointed focus on learning. Students can focus on one class or subject at a time and move on once they’ve mastered it.

Motivation to Succeed

Summer break makes it easy to lose your motivation, whether you’re an adult or a child. Kids gain motivation from attending summer school. When your child is intrinsically motivated to learn during the summer, they are more likely to excel during the regular school year.


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