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Arts Education in Early Childhood Education

At The Blue Elephant, the early childhood learning center in Frisco, we believe in the importance of arts education for young children both in daycare and in preschool. Arts education is essential to early childhood education because it teaches young children so many educational, social, and emotional lessons which are vital to their development.

Benefits of an Arts Education for Young Children

Whether your child participates in music lessons, finger painting, coloring, or crafts with pipe cleaners, they are learning essential skills and having fun while doing so. Early childhood education research has found three important lessons from introducing arts to young children, including:

  • Play & Exploration: Through arts, crafts, and music, children are encouraged to explore all of their senses. They can understand movement, sound, texture, colors, and shapes with an arts education. Arts and crafts also allow children to explore their creativity and spontaneity.
  • Relationships & Safety: Arts and crafts is a safe activity for children, even for children who are shy, having learning disabilities, or are starting a new daycare. Young children feel safe when coloring and can even observe their peers or teacher before diving into the activity. An arts education can also foster positive relationships by working in pairs on an art project or sharing crayons when coloring.
  • Ownership: When children create something new like a painting, a song, or a dance, they develop a sense of ownership over their creation. Children become motivated to share their ideas and continue their creativity when they feel ownership over something.

For these reasons, we incorporate an arts education into the everyday curriculum at The Blue Elephant and we encourage parents to support their children’s creativity at home with arts and crafts.

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