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How Preschool Programs Introduce Reading

Preschool is one of the most important steps a child can take. Preschool programs can enrich a child’s learning experience by doing interactive activities and playing with others. However, reading is one of the most important skills a child learns. Vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing are all fundamental elements of one’s education. At The Blue Elephant, we help introduce reading into all of our preschool programs. Our teachers and instructors make sure to incorporate fun reading/writing exercises into the curriculum. Here is how we introduce reading to kids in our programs.


  • Alphabet Knowledge– The first step of learning how to read is teaching kids the alphabet. They are taught to recognize upper and lowercase letters and how to connect them into words.
  • Foundations of Literacy– We include activities that promote how children can identify the letters of the alphabet in storybooks, poems, and nursery rhymes.
  • Phonetics– They learn how sounds make up language and how to recognize sounds in words and letters.
  • Read-Alouds– Reading aloud helps kids interact together by listening to stories. This helps them to recognize and learn vocabulary, spelling, and concepts.
  • Rhyming– Kids like rhyming patterns and learn how to connect words that sound similar together. By playing fun games and activities, improves vocabulary.
  • Print Awareness– They learn how to match letters and words with objects/symbols, allowing them to visualize ideas and concepts.

Reading can be one of the most joyful parts of learning; it allows children to have imagination and empathy. Literacy is an important skill a child must learn before they move up in school. It also teaches them how to communicate in their daily life.

Get Your Child to Read Today!

Start your child on the right path by enrolling them at The Blue Elephant Learning Center. Our Frisco preschool program offers scholastic and fun classes that your children will enjoy, all while having them learn fundamental concepts. Our teachers and staff ensure that our classrooms invite a safe, comfortable environment for your child to thrive in. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today! We can’t wait to work with you and your child!