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How To Ease Your Child Back To School

Summer is the perfect time to explore with your little one, learn new things, and just enjoy the time off. At The Blue Elephant, we understand that returning to daycare and preschool can be a complete whirlwind for your child: the schedule is different, there are new people, and new toys to play with. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and a little scary all at once. Our dedicated team of teachers understands this and we will do everything in our power to ease your child back to school and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Prior to school and during the first month or so, you as the parent can actually help your child through this process and help their comfortability level at school as well. Your local Frisco, TX daycare center has put together a list of tips and tricks to ease your little one back into the school environment and succeed this year!

Tips & Tricks

There are some easy ways to help your child get back into the routine of going to school and to make them feel comfortable in a new environment with new people. As one of Frisco’s best daycare centers and preschools, we recommend doing the following with your child prior to starting to school and throughout the school year to ensure an optimal experience.

  • Talk & Read Together: Although your child is young, there are still ways that you can help them understand how their day will change and what to expect. Talk to your child about daycare and preschool, explain all the fun things they will do, and all the new friends they will make. Also, there are many stories you can read together about other kids going to daycare or preschool. The pictures can help familiarize themselves with the place, other children, and playgroups.
  • Arrange a Visit: If it’s your child’s first time at The Blue Elephant or you want to re-acquaint them with the environment, come by for a visit! As Frisco’s best daycare, we encourage visits! We want you and your child to feel comfortable in our facilities.

  • Encourage Transitional Objects: At The Blue Elephant, we are all about comfortability and we understand that a security blanket or stuffed animal can go along way. Encourage your child to choose one object that they can bring to daycare or preschool from home. Explain to them that when they feel nervous, scared, sad, or different, they can hold onto their blanket or stuffed animal. A transitional object can help them feel safe and less anxious.
  • Short Goodbyes Are Best: When dropping your child off for the first time or every time after that, keep the goodbye short. As a parent, you may think it’s better to stay with your child if they are upset or want comfort, but it’s really best to say goodbye and leave, even if they are crying. As your little one gets into the routine of school, they will become accustomed to a short goodbye and will be excited to play with their friends. Keep your goodbyes short, consistent, and sweet, and your child will be just fine!

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Do have questions about your child’s transition back to school? Or, are you interested in joining our family and enrolling your little one in one of our programs? Never hesitate to call The Blue Elephant in Frisco, TX. Our experienced staff and teachers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to show your family around. As previously stated, it really is our goal to make you and your child feel as comfortable as possible. Feel free to come by our facilities to check it out or enroll in the fun! As the best daycare and preschool in Frisco, TX, we are confident you and your child will love The Blue Elephant experience from the moment you walk in the door. Contact our team for more information today! We look forward to meeting your family!