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How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of School

The very first day of school can be a scary moment for both kids and parents alike. With your kids, it’s their first step on the journey that is their education, and for parents, it may be the first time that you won’t have your children around during the day. The first day can also play a very significant role with how your kids feel about school, as a negative first impression can often make things more difficult than they need to be, from their willingness to go to school or how they behave in class. To make sure that first experience goes as smoothly as possible, your early childhood education experts here at The Blue Elephant learning center have put together this guide on how to prepare your child for the first day of school.

Communication & Encouragement

One of the best ways to comfort your child and alleviate any fear they may have about starting school is just by talking to them. Start communication with your kids about school long before their first day, telling them about what school is like, how much fun you had when you started school, and all the new and exciting things they get to look forward to. This way, they know what to expect when they finally arrive to school on their first day, instead of being overwhelmed by all the new information, from the new place to all the new people.

Gearing Up For School

One easy way that you can get your kids excited for the first day of school is by letting them pick all the supplies they need for themselves, such as choosing their own backpack. By having them choose their own school supplies, you give your kids the feeling that they have some control over what’s happening, instead of just being handed their supplies and sent off to school not knowing what they’re even carrying with them. It’ll also be a great chance to tell them about the kinds of activities that they’ll be doing while they’re at school, and what they’ll be using all of those supplies for.

Visit The School & Meet The Teacher

Many preschools often host an open house or “meet the teacher” event for families before the school year starts. It’s recommended that you attend these events and bring your kids along, giving them a chance to see their school and get to know their teacher beforehand, making them feel a bit more comfortable on that first day of school. It’s also the perfect time to let you kids know that they can ask any questions that they may have for the teacher about school, which can help alleviate any fears they have or get them more excited for when that first day comes around.

Playdates With Their Future Classmates

If you know other families whose kids are enrolled in the same school as yours, playdates with the children will allow them to get to know each other a make friends before they start school. That way, they will be able to recognize a few familiar and friendly faces in the class on the first day when they get to their classroom. If you don’t know any other families with kids at the school, you can always ask the school for a roster, which has the contact information for the families in your child’s class and will allow you to connect with those families and organize a playdate.

Practicing Having Time Apart

For stay-at-home parents, sending your kids off to school may be the very first time both you and your child will be apart from each other. If this is the case, the first day can be tricky, as your child may be apprehensive to leave you, and parents will have to fight the urge to linger around before class starts. To make the experience a little easier for both kids and parents, we recommend practicing having a some time apart before that first day of school. From dropping your kids off at a friend’s house, leaving them with your partner for the day, or even something as simple as being in a different room for an extended period could help.

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If you need help preparing your kids for their first day of school, just contact us at The Blue Elephant, your local private preschool and learning center here in Frisco, TX. We are committed to providing kids with the best beginning to the journey that is education, ensuring that they are in an environment that is comfortable, supportive, and nurturing. Our staff is always available to help families in our community create the best learning experience for their kids, and it all starts with preparing for that very first day. We look forward to hearing from you, whether it’s to help you prepare for the start of school, or get your kids enrolled in our world-class preschool program!