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Milestone Moments

When you’re looking for a private preschool in Frisco, TX, The Blue Elephant is proud to provide unparalleled learning and social experiences for your children. When we think of our children growing through their formative years, we generally think of the milestone moments in their lives. While we all know about the biggest moments in our child’s life, such as birthdays or high school graduation, that doesn’t mean that these following moments shouldn’t hold a special place in your heart as well.

When Your Baby’s First Tooth Comes Through

Okay, so maybe it’s not such a thrilling moment at the time it happens; what once was a cute baby gnawing on your finger with a gummy smile now may seem a bit more…painful. However, your baby having his or her first tooth is one of the earliest signs of your baby beginning to grow up. The first tooth is just the first step into self-dependency.

Your Baby’s Last Night in the Crib

Unlike the previous moment, finally being able to get rid of the crib and moving your child onto a more convenient sleeping method is enjoyable in every way. But, having said that, there’s still a twinge of mournfulness when it happens. Whether you were a fan of the crib or not, you have to admit that you had that feeling as well when you moved that crib out, knowing it had just been used for the last time.

Your Child’s First Haircut

Another underrated memorable moment that you may have forgotten about was your child’s first haircut. You may have grown accustomed to your child’s longer locks so it may have been somewhat traumatizing to have to snip that hair for the first time. It’s also possible that you didn’t do as good of a job that you thought you would! But as you probably found out, even a bad haircut only lasts a couple of weeks!

Your Child Graduating from Preschool

Graduating from preschool is one of the first signs that your child will move onto greater things. Not that preschool itself isn’t great, but it’s just the precursor for bigger things – when your child graduates from high school, graduates from college, gets his or her first job, starts a career, and maybe even strives higher. Without the foundation of preschool to build off of, the rest may not have been possible. That’s what makes graduating preschool such a memorable moment.

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