Child Care Program Pros And Cons For Babies And Children

Pros & Cons of Childcare Programs for Babies & Toddlers

Located in Frisco, TX, the Blue Elephant learning center provides a nurturing environment for your child. As one of the premier child learning centers in the area, Blue Elephant can provide a great learning experience for infants and a safe place to hang out after school for your preteen. With a growing need for childcare programs, there are bound to be many pros and cons of childcare programs for babies and toddlers.

Pros of Childcare Programs

Care is Age-Appropriate

When you enroll your child today with Blue Elephant, the care that they receive will be age-appropriate. This includes the toys and materials they come in contact with that will also be appropriate for them.

A Safe Environment

To be licensed, there are requirements that a childcare program needs to fulfill, such as safety inspections. These requirements will guarantee that compliance is upheld.

Care Is Consistent

Compared to many child learning centers, our childcare program uses a schedule that stays on track even when a teacher is not available.


When you enroll your child in a childcare program, you will be saving money due to the single price including all of the necessities.

Your Child Is Stimulated<

Through our high-quality program, your child will get stimulation through play, activities, adult interaction, and movements.

Obtain Skills

A majority of babies and children who are enrolled in a childcare program can obtain more skills associated with cognition and language.

Single Settin

Having a childcare program means that your child will enjoy a single setting and learn consistently prior to starting kindergarten. Having this consistency will help alleviate separation anxiety and provide a sense of security.

Family Obtains Social Interaction

When parents have their children attend childcare programs, the parent is able to interact socially with other parents.

Childcare Program Cons


Although the price is less than other methods of childcare, the price for a Frisco private preschool may seem like a lot for some parents. Besides the price averaging around $10,000, you may experience fees involving late pick up or when you need to find alternate care while your baby or child is sick.

Decreased Attention On An Individual Basis

The normal ratio of teachers and children can be high and can surpass four children per teacher.


Especially for infants, who haven’t built up their immune systems yet, attending a childcare facility can result in easily catching colds and other contagious illnesses. If your child gets sick the facility will likely ask you to keep her home, which means you’ll need to take the day off or find alternate childcare until she is well.

No Guarantee for Enrollment

When the childcare program is highly popular, then the waiting list may be pretty long and thus making no guarantee of enrollment.

Turnover Is High

When your baby is needing to develop attachment, then having a turnover that is high will not do any good for you and your baby’s development.

Get The Quality Care For Your Baby Or Child
When you enroll your baby or child in a Frisco private preschool, you and them will have a quality childcare program to enjoy before starting kindergarten. Having quality child learning centers is a great way for your baby or child to interact and build necessary social and development skills. Get in contact with Blue Elephant today to get started.