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Teaching Your Toddler How to Share

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All parents desire to make their children better. Whether this means making them smarter, more athletic, healthier, or even more selfless. In regards to selflessness, one of the ways that you can help acquire that trait is by teaching your child to share. For many kids, it can be quite tricky to get them to share, especially if they don’t have any siblings. However, there are still things that can be done to set your child on the road to being a more selfless human being. As your providers of Frisco, TX early childhood education, we at The Blue Elephant would like to give you some of these tips on how to teach a child to share.

Be a Role Model

As you’re one of the role models in your child’s life (at least we hope you are!), your behavior should strongly affect your child. Practice sharing in front of your toddler and make it seem like fun. You might even want to share something enjoyable with your child to show the joys of sharing – something like some delicious ice cream!

Use Praise

Everyone loves to be praised and it can be a great way to get your child to behave in positive and healthy ways. Try to use descriptive praise when your child shares or does something positive – make him or her know why sharing is a good thing.

Use a Timer

If you want to try an outside-the-box method when it comes to teaching your toddler to share, you can use a timer. When your child’s playing with a friend, you can use the timer to signify when each child gets a turn playing with a certain toy. When the timer rings, it’s time to share the toy with the other child.

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