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Things You Need To Know Before Sending Kids To Summer School

Summer is finally here! And for a lot of parents, it means changing their child’s schedule before moving on to the next grade. One way for kids to stay productive is to put them in summer school. But is summer school truly necessary? Does it help kids transition from one grade to the next? Learn the facts from The Blue Elephant! We strive to provide quality and comprehensive education programs for children in Frisco, TX. Here are 4 things to know before sending your kids to summer school.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. What does your child need? Summer school can encompass an array of subjects for kids, not just academics. Whether you think that your child can benefit from an academic or enrichment class, summer school can be a good option. Look at summer schools or camps that will suit your child’s interest, and academic level, and elevate their skills. Maybe your child is struggling with a particular subject. Or they’re looking to get extra credit. Or are they looking to prepare before the next school year? By examining their needs, you can decide whether summer school is necessary for them. 
  2. Does your child have learning gaps? If your child is struggling with school assignments, it could be a good indicator that they need extra academic help. Check-in with your child’s teacher to see what they recommend. Some summer school programs can help kids with their challenges. 
  3. How long does your child want to stay in summer school? While your child must stay academically focused, they may feel burned out from the school year. If so, focus on signing up your kids for fun summer school classes/camps. You may also want to plan some summer activities so that your family can get together. If possible, look for summer school classes or camps that do not take up the entire summer (and instead, ones that are week based).
  4. How much does it cost? Be mindful of your budget when you are signing up for programs. Most summer school classes these days come at an extra cost outside of the school year. Also, some summer schools and camps have extracurricular activities like field trips or excursions that aren’t included in the tuition package. Money for books, art and craft materials, transportation, and lunch should also be considered.

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