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What Parents Can Do to Reinforce Their Child’s Reading Skills

Getting children into reading can be a challenge, especially if they don’t like to. However, it is important for their emotional and mental development. Strong reading skills can improve their ability to learn all subjects in school, and enhance their intellectual skills. At The Blue Elephant, we strive to help children inside and outside the classroom; part of that is helping our students’ parents as well. If you’re a parent that is struggling to get your child into reading, here are 6 tips that can help!

  • Establish a Routine – Set aside a time daily for you and your child to get together to read. This will instill the importance of reading on their own. As your child learns to read on their own, you both can continue your daily/nightly storytime together. Gradually shift the reading responsibilities to your child so that they are reading to you instead of the other way around. This will encourage them to read without your assistance.
  • Find Genres Your Child Will Like – Find books that will spark your child’s interest. The more interested your child is in the subject matter inside of a book, the more excited they will be to read it. Sci-fi, mysteries, adventure, and fantasy stories are particularly popular with young boys and girls with big imaginations. If your child is wildly curious about a certain topic, such as cooking, animals, or outer space, try providing them with material about those subjects.
  • Have Them Practice Reading Outloud – When they read out loud, you can help them to decipher unfamiliar sounds or difficult words. This will also allow them to improve their speaking time and practice their speech.
  • Encourage Reading Everywhere – Keep books/magazines everywhere; this includes not just in the bedroom/living room, but in the car, in their backpack, or the bathroom as well. Motivate them by having them read a recipe, instruction manuals, or reference books (when collecting items, such as shells at the beach). This will encourage your child to read more often.
  • Play Games – Certain games can help your child strengthen their reading and writing skills. Cards, blocks, magnet letters, floor mats, puzzles, board games, and apps for tablets/computers can make practicing reading more fun and enjoyable. Have them play with their friends or family members.
  • Promote Writing – Literacy involves not just reading, but writing as well. Your child might learn to read better from writing more often. Get them a journal they like and have pencils, crayons, markers, and paper around to encourage them to write more. Have them write notes or short letters to family and friends (this can especially good during the holiday season when handwritten letters are popular.

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