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What Sorts of Things do Children Learn at Pre-School

Preschool is a very important developmental time for children, occurring around ages 3-5. The skills learned at this age are considered “pre-skills,” fundamental lessons learned through certain kinds of play and guidance that lay the groundwork for their future education. At the Blue Elephant early learning center in Frisco, TX, we offer a research-based curriculum that encourages curiosity and growth. Here are some of the skills your child develops at the Blue Elephant.


Trying to learn without language skills is like trying to build a house without tools. Fortunately, preschool-age children are like sponges when it comes to developing their ability to communicate, and will learn a lot from each other, from their teachers, and the games and learning materials available to them. At Blue Elephant, children develop speech and reading skills through age-appropriate activities.


Children develop important critical thinking skills through play and problem-solving. At Blue Elephant we avoid one-size-fits-all busywork with the understanding that every child has different needs and is working to improve different skills. Our intentional, imaginative activities inspire and challenge kids to think outside the box, an ability that supports a lifetime of creative thought.


Children develop stronger social and emotional skills in an environment that supports them and never singles out or criticize them. Feeling a sense of safety and belonging allows children to form strong bonds with peers and teachers, and opens the door for cooperation and growth. The group-oriented, caring approach to learning is one of our cornerstones.


Classroom materials at every stage of life, from the crayons we draw with as children to the laptops we work with as adults, require fine motor skills. Through a range of hands-on activities that incorporate a diverse assortment of materials and stimuli, children develop these fine motor skills that will serve them for years to come.

School Readiness

As children at the Blue Elephant prepare to leave preschool and transition to kindergarten, they spend their last chapter with us in our School Readiness Rooms. Here they will find the same atmosphere of holistic education, care, and support, but with a greater emphasis on academic lessons that will prepare them for grade school.

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