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Five Ways That Preschool Benefits Children

As a parent, you want the very best for your child—especially when it comes to schooling. Perhaps you’ve been tossing around the idea of sending your toddler or pre-kindergartener to preschool, or maybe you’ve always known you wanted to keep your child at home until they are old enough to enter elementary school. Whatever your


The Importance of Developmental Psychology & Holistic Learning

At The Blue Elephant, our mission is to help each and every one of our little learners blossom into the best possible version of themselves. While other private schools focus soley on academic performance, we aim to provide a stimulating environment to encourage growth and cultivate true intelligence. To achieve this goal, we base our


Fall-Themed Crafts

Fall-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers Fall is here, and we know kids, parents, and families everywhere are looking forward to a season full of cooler weather, cozy evenings spent with a cup of hot chocolate, and plenty of time for family bonding. At The Blue Elephant, we always welcome the coming of the fall season because


What Parents Can Expect on the First Day

World-Class Private Preschool in Frisco, TX At The Blue Elephant, our mission is to support every member of our community as they grow, mature, and develop – whether they’re starting with us as a full-grown kid or joining us as an infant! Our expert early childhood educators take a holistic, compassionate approach to nurturing each


How To Ease Your Child Back To School

Summer is the perfect time to explore with your little one, learn new things, and just enjoy the time off. At The Blue Elephant, we understand that returning to daycare and preschool can be a complete whirlwind for your child: the schedule is different, there are new people, and new toys to play with. It


How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of School

The very first day of school can be a scary moment for both kids and parents alike. With your kids, it’s their first step on the journey that is their education, and for parents, it may be the first time that you won’t have your children around during the day. The first day can also


All About Our After-School & Summer Camp Programs

Top view picture of kids standing in a circle on the green lawn and holding rainbow parachute full of colorful balls

Summer Fun with Your Frisco, TX Day Care Center Welcome to Kids’ Club at The Blue Elephant! As Frisco’s premier private preschool and day care center, we’re experts in finding the perfect blend of education, support, and plain old fun – and few things strike the balance quite like our summer camp and after-school programs.


Summer Activities to Do with Your Preschooler

Summer is finally here, and if you’ve got a preschooler at home, that means it’s the perfect time for family fun! The long afternoons, warm weather, and freedom from school that summer brings offer an excellent opportunity for a plethora of activities, so no matter what your little one loves doing, there’s sure to be


What Information to Leave With A Babysitter

Happy babysitter and preschool age girl play with toys and color in a coloring book together. They are playing on the floor in their home.

While babysitters are a valuable resource for parents that have busy schedules, leaving your children in the care of someone other than a family member or partner can be a stressful and difficult experience for many parents. At The Blue Elephant Learning Center, we aim to nurture the growth of your child during their most


Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Valentine's Day arts and crafts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we love making Valentine’s Day arts & crafts at The Blue Elephant! As an early childhood education center in Frisco, TX, one of our favorite activities during any holiday is crafting, but Valentine’s Day holds a special place in our heart. Plus, it’s a great way to