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School Readiness Program

Preparing children for kindergarten includes developmental milestones children must reach when entering a school readiness program. At The Blue Elephant Learning Center in Frisco, TX we understand the importance of early education and school readiness skills for future growth and success. Our approach incorporates math, science, and other learning programs into the center’s academic curriculum. 

What is School Readiness?

Holistically, school readiness is the abilities, knowledge, and skills kids need to possess before they start kindergarten. Blue Elephant early childcare educators use a science-based curriculum for preschoolers and children aged three. Our fun and learning environment has all the appropriate tools, including:

  • Math and Literacy Activities
  • Frog Street
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Adventures with Travis and Presley

The Blue Elephant Learning Center Readiness Program Milestones

By the time children begin kindergarten, they should have reached different developmental and learning milestones. We combine traditional and holistic school readiness programs to help preschoolers excel in early academics. Blue Elephant Learning Center Frisco uses an effective approach and concept for kids to reach each skill milestone. 


Examples of cognitive skills include math and literacy. Our academic learning program introduces your child to problem-solving and reading. Children learn to count and remember parts of stories they read in the program. 


For children to learn, they must develop attention flexibility and the ability to focus and shift their attention. We work with them to grasp their attention during story time and math. Attention flexibility helps kids develop listening skills. 

Social and Behavioral

Social and behavioral development includes two essential skills your child must learn between the ages of two and five. Blue Elephant Learning Center Character Development Program trains your child to show compassion towards others. Children learn how to interact with their peers and about character. They can better communicate their emotions and identify feelings.


In preschool, kids learn about health, including personal hygiene, such as washing and drying their hands. We combine physical and movement activities in our school readiness program. Kids learn motor skills to stand on one foot, kick and throw balls, ride a tricycle, run, and climb. 

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Advantages of Blue Elephant School Readiness Program

 With the involvement of parents in their children’s early childhood development, school readiness programs can be a success. Here are some advantages based on research studies.

  • Prepares children for kindergarten
  • Stronger math and reading abilities
  • Improved attention span
  • Kids learn self-control and about their emotions and feelings
  • Future academic success
  • Promote academic competence
  • Learn the importance of health, mentally and physically

About The Blue Elephant Learning Center

Learn more about Blue Elephant Learning Center and its private school readiness and after-school programs. We welcome infants to grade-schoolers in our learning center. Blue Elephant provides bus transportation for school arrivals and pickups. Our bus services transport children to and from Frisco elementary public schools and pickup at selective Prosper and Little Elm early grade schools.