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School Readiness Program

All About Our School Readiness Rooms

Young 3’s is Indoor Circus and Older 3’s is Outdoor Circus. Both rooms are circus themed. Pre-K is Ocean Room and is ocean themed. School Readiness rooms are important stepping stones to Kindergarten. Our goal is for our Pre-K graduates to have a successful foundation to their educational journey by thoroughly preparing them for Kindergarten. It all starts with early childhood education!

We Practice the Right Social Skills!

Our School Readiness students practice important social skills to help them prepare for Kindergarten. Lining up quietly, raising their hand, and using inside voices are just a few examples of the social skills we practice. Through Conscious Discipline, our students also learn how to respect other students’ personal spaces and how to use self-calming Techniques.

Our Academic Instruction is Top-Notch!

Our School Readiness classrooms are well-stocked with meaningful math and literacy aides that enhance the curriculums used, Frog Street and Handwriting Without Tears. Students also learn important character concepts with activities from Adventures with Travis & Presley. This character-development curriculum teaches eight important manners: please & thank you, how to deal with a bully, good teamwork, good table manners, it’s okay to be different, share and take turns, respecting others, and be polite.

Structure and Independence are Important!

Structured schedules and repeated procedures are a must for Kindergarten preparation. Everything we do has a purpose in our students’ day, whether we’re practicing handwriting or having a snack, everything is done with intent and a goal of preparing for Kindergarten. Age-appropriate independence is also taught in these rooms. Our Pre-K students practice walking themselves to class after the first semester and quickly learn where to place their belongings when they enter the room.


When combined, the above procedures, practices, and curriculums help build confident, well-prepared students who are Kindergarten-ready!

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