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Raising infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is the hardest part of raising kids next to the adolescent years. It’s also the biggest struggle many parents have who cannot return to work without adequate childcare. The Blue Elephant Learning Center fully comprehends and supports the needs of parents looking for help and resources for raising their children. Many local and national resources are listed below.

Frisco Private Preschools Are a Wealth of Resources

Whether you’re looking for information on local preschools, or you need help with car seats for your infant, Frisco private preschools can help. Preschools are filled with many professional teachers who have degrees in their field and are required to keep a resource file that they can turn to to help parents.

General Parenting Resources

General parenting resources include Scholastic, Inc., for workbooks, books to read, activities that educate and engage young children, and the state’s board of education that lists several ideas to teach children. You may also consult the US Department of Education Parent Resources or the National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC.

NAEYC offers programs to accredit preschool programs. This accreditation puts the program levels above unaccredited programs because the requirements are very high and must be met before the accreditation is awarded. The NAEYC also offers multiple teaching resources for parents.

Parenting Infants and Toddlers

Parenting an infant is challenging from the standpoint of feedings, sleep schedules, and diapering. Your entire life revolves around your baby’s needs, and it is exhausting. Knowing what to expect for the first year of life helps you interact with your baby and helps him/her grow and develop properly.
Parenting a toddler is a whole different story. Now your baby has grown into a vocal, opinionated, and very mobile young child. They are learning things rapidly, absorbing like sponges.

They are presenting you with their challenges. It’s a different approach to parenting a toddler than parenting an infant or preschooler, and you need unique resources for it. The Child Development Institute – Infant Parenting Tips is a great place to begin learning about infants and parenting, while covers many “ages and stages” of parenting.

The Blue Elephant Learning Center is a great resource itself. If you want something more specific related to parenting, just call.