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10 Ways to Support Creativity

Blue Elephant Learning Center promotes creativity and imagination

At the Blue Elephant Learning Center, we love seeing our kiddos thrive in an environment that nurtures their imagination and creativity. Outside of a school atmosphere, there are plenty of ways you can work together as a family to foster their strengths at home, too!

Ways to support and celebrate creativity

The great thing about creativity is that the possibilities to explore it are truly endless! It’s completely up to what your mind can come up with. That said, there are ways to encourage and expand creativity. Check out these simple strategies:

  1. Ask Questions – Get the wheels of their little minds working with open-ended questions. Watch their delight as they come up with all kinds of answers and ideas.
  2. Limit Instructions – When it comes to playing time, give your child the freedom to use their imagination. Give them materials to play or create with and see what they come up with on their own. This can be a fun exercise for adults, too!
  3. Let Them Help – Let your children help make a meal or create a project together. Ask them for ideas or suggestions to incorporate.
  4. Explore the Outdoors – There’s nothing greater than making the world your playground! Take them exploring in your yard, neighborhood, or a local park. Ask them what they see, hear and feel, and expand on that.
  5. Be Interested – Showing an interest in what your child is doing or making can give them a boost in confidence
  6. Show Them – Spending your own time on your favorite creative hobbies will show your children that being creative has value and a place in the world
  7. Open Their Eyes – Introduce your children to all forms of creativity, from art to music to theater. Sharing all the ways different people express their creativity will give them a glimpse of what they can accomplish.
  8. Let Them Problem Solve – It’s easy to want to fix something right away for your child, but let them figure out the process on their own aids the creative thinking process. You might even get a new idea you hadn’t thought of before!
  9. Give Them Space – Designate an area of their room or your home for their creative endeavors. Show them where to find crayons, paper, or even Legos, that they can use to create their own masterpieces.
  10. Recycle & Reuse – Repurpose household materials you might otherwise dispose of, such as a glass jar or a coffee can. Challenge your child to come up with an art project or new use for the item.

Expand your child’s learning in Frisco TX

Creativity is an important part of not just development, but life in general. Creative thinking can help problem-solve and boost innovation. If you are looking to expand your child’s learning and creativity in a loving environment, consider your Frisco TX private preschool or after-school programs. Contact us to learn more.