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Family of the Month: The Avezzano Family

Private Preschool In Frisco, TX At The Blue Elephant, we strive to help every one of our little learners grow and develop into the very best person they can be. Our expert team of early childhood educators works hard to make every day in the classroom fun and exciting, and we structure our curriculum on the latest research in


What Parents Can Expect on the First Day

World-Class Private Preschool in Frisco, TX At The Blue Elephant, our mission is to support every member of our community as they grow, mature, and develop – whether they’re starting with us as a full-grown kid or joining us as an infant! Our expert early childhood educators take a holistic, compassionate approach to nurturing each


What Information to Leave With A Babysitter

Happy babysitter and preschool age girl play with toys and color in a coloring book together. They are playing on the floor in their home.

While babysitters are a valuable resource for parents that have busy schedules, leaving your children in the care of someone other than a family member or partner can be a stressful and difficult experience for many parents. At The Blue Elephant Learning Center, we aim to nurture the growth of your child during their most


How to Get Your Kid to Quit the Pacifier

baby with pacifier

Let’s face it: Being a parent is a lot of work! However, raising a child is without question, the most rewarding “job” you’ll ever have! As an integral part of one of the best private preschools and daycare centers in Frisco, the professional team at The Blue Elephant is very experienced in dealing with all


Family-Friendly Winter Activities in Frisco, TX

Frisco Discovery Center

Winter is upon us, and we know many of our families are getting ready for some quality time spent enjoying each other and the season. We’re always looking for ways to help make being a parent easier, so for this blog, we decided to list a few of our favorite winter activities around Frisco for


The Kind Campaign: The Fight Against Girl-on-Girl Bullying

When we hear the word “bully,” most people think of a big, tough boy who steals his classmate’s’ lunch money and picks on the smaller boys in his grade. Most people think about physical violence on the playground. However, bullying comes in all different forms, and the kind of bullying that’s often the hardest to


Milestone Moments

When you’re looking for a private preschool in Frisco, TX, The Blue Elephant is proud to provide unparalleled learning and social experiences for your children. When we think of our children growing through their formative years, we generally think of the milestone moments in their lives. While we all know about the biggest moments in


5 Reasons You Should Read To Your Child

Here at The Blue Elephant, we’re big fans of reading. In our experience, few activities that help children expand their minds, enhance their cognitive skills, and have some plain old fun as much as reading a great book does! But reading shouldn’t just happen in the classroom, and we recommend making it a part of


What to Do When Your Child IS the Bully

Following the recent suicide tragedy in Plano (our hearts go out to the families and community that have been impacted by such a horrible loss), bullying and self love are hot topics right now. We think that’s a good thing – it’s an issue that deserves public recognition and needs to be discussed directly. But


What To Do if Your Child is Being Bullied

Bullying has become a bit of a buzzword lately, and for good reason – while some may dismiss it as a part of life or even a rite of passage, the reality is that bullying can leave scars that last a lifetime and lead to other, more serious problems. As a parent, though, finding out