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Misconceptions about Summer Camp Programs

Summer camp gives parents the break they need when school is out. At Blue Elephant, we offer programs through our Frisco private preschool that put your children in good hands. Rest assured that they will always have an expert watching over them. They can make new friends and pick up some new interests as they


5 Major Benefits of Summer School

Summer school is something we know a thing or two about here at The Blue Elephant Learning Center. There are usually negative connotations attached to it, but summer school is quite helpful for kids of all ages and learning styles. Summer school is there to keep students on track, sure, but it can do so


Things You Need To Know Before Sending Kids To Summer School

Summer is finally here! And for a lot of parents, it means changing their child’s schedule before moving on to the next grade. One way for kids to stay productive is to put them in summer school. But is summer school truly necessary? Does it help kids transition from one grade to the next? Learn


All About Our After-School & Summer Camp Programs

Top view picture of kids standing in a circle on the green lawn and holding rainbow parachute full of colorful balls

Summer Fun with Your Frisco, TX Day Care Center Welcome to Kids’ Club at The Blue Elephant! As Frisco’s premier private preschool and day care center, we’re experts in finding the perfect blend of education, support, and plain old fun – and few things strike the balance quite like our summer camp and after-school programs.


Summer Activities to Do with Your Preschooler

Summer is finally here, and if you’ve got a preschooler at home, that means it’s the perfect time for family fun! The long afternoons, warm weather, and freedom from school that summer brings offer an excellent opportunity for a plethora of activities, so no matter what your little one loves doing, there’s sure to be


Summer Camp at The Blue Elephant Learning Center

Summer is here, and that means one thing here at The Blue Elephant: it’s time for summer camp! We work hard to make every day at our Frisco, TX private learning center packed with fun and laughs, but something about our summer camp makes TBE even more fun. Packed with loads of great activities, field