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Misconceptions about Summer Camp Programs

Summer camp gives parents the break they need when school is out. At Blue Elephant, we offer programs through our Frisco private preschool that put your children in good hands. Rest assured that they will always have an expert watching over them. They can make new friends and pick up some new interests as they learn. Check out some of the myths and misconceptions that parents often have about summer camp programs.

Kids Get Homesick

We hear from many parents who worry that their kids will feel homesick. You might even hear about parents who spent a lot of money on summer camps and lost that money when their children went home early. While some campers do feel homesick during the early days, it often passes within the first week. Our summer programs offer so many activities that kids never have a chance to feel bored or homesick.

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They Need a Friend

You might hear the myth that your child will only do well if they go camping with a friend. While it’s fun to have one or more friends, many of our campers make new friends on the spot. Our Frisco private preschool summer camp is a great way for kids to meet new people. They’ll also have the chance to develop new skills as we use an early childhood education curriculum. You don’t need to worry about sending your kids to summer camp where they don’t know anyone.

Camps Cost a Lot of Money

Parents worry that summer camp costs too much and is outside of their budget. As the premier early childhood education center in Frisco, TX, we help parents with their concerns before they enroll. Not only can you find out how much the program costs, but you can learn about the benefits of letting your kids learn with us.

My Child is Too Young

With more than 14 million kids heading to summer camp every year, it’s easy to assume that only older children go. The early childhood education experts working in our child learning centers have experience working with kids as young as three. Our summer programs include many different activities and things for younger kids to do:

  • Field trips
  • Daily events
  • Campfire storytelling
  • Art days

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Learn the Truth Behind Summer Camps

Learning the truth behind summer camps is a great way to get your kids ready for our programs. Summer camp programs are suitable for kids of all ages. Those as young as three can enroll in camps that include activities just for them. They might love creating art for their parents or visiting sites around Frisco, TX. Reach out to our team after checking out the common summer camp misconceptions to enroll your child in our child learning centers.