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The Kind Campaign: The Fight Against Girl-on-Girl Bullying

When we hear the word “bully,” most people think of a big, tough boy who steals his classmate’s’ lunch money and picks on the smaller boys in his grade. Most people think about physical violence on the playground. However, bullying comes in all different forms, and the kind of bullying that’s often the hardest to


Understanding Preschool Friendships

Friendships in early childhood can be puzzling to adults. Kids haven’t learned the social graces that adults use when communicating with each other, and it’s easy to become alarmed when you hear your child say something harsh to a friend. If you’re having a hard time understanding the preschool social scene, you’re not alone —


Importance Of Social Skills

Socialization – Not Just for the Dogs! At The Blue Elephant Learning Center, nothing makes us happier than seeing a child grow into their full potential. With a range of children from 6 months to 12 years of age in our care, we often get to see kids grow throughout the full course of their