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Importance Of Social Skills

Socialization – Not Just for the Dogs!

At The Blue Elephant Learning Center, nothing makes us happier than seeing a child grow into their full potential. With a range of children from 6 months to 12 years of age in our care, we often get to see kids grow throughout the full course of their childhood – and we’re always ecstatic to see how they progress. One of the main things we notice is that a big part of growing up isn’t just about cognitive development and thinking skills – developing proper social skills is vital for a child’s growth. We’re always looking to help you with tips on raising your child, so for this blog, we want to talk about the importance of social skills in growing up.

From Preschool to the Professional World

Any adult can attest to the importance of networking and sociality – it helps us get our jobs, move up in them, and enjoy the life we live. Networking and social interaction, in general, rest on a foundation of social skills that come as second-nature to most of us – but it’s important to understand that they didn’t get that way on their own. Our social toolkit begins developing in the very early stages of life, just after infancy, and in truth it never stops growing. But it is those early years, during the initial period of socialization, that the most growth can be won – or lost. Only by actively socializing your child, encouraging play dates and meet-ups with other children, and helping them by talking about social reasoning skills and problem solving can you ensure that they develop the social abilities they’ll need to succeed the rest of their lives.

At The Blue Elephant, what might be called a “frienducation” is one of our main priorities. While we take academic education very seriously, helping our kids build the proper toolkit to navigate their burgeoning social world is a core value of our curriculum. At TBE, playing hard is working hard!

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