How to Build Children's Self-Esteem With After-school Activities

Building Self-Esteem With After-School Activities

One of the best ways to build children’s self-esteem is by having them participate in after-school activities. You can find the best learning centers in Frisco, TX at The Blue Elephant. We provide an infant curriculum, a toddler curriculum, and a school readiness program. How can our Frisco, TX after-school program help your children’s self-esteem? Here are some of the ways.


After-School Activities Can Improve Grades

Many after-school activities, such as chess or analytical games, help build cognitive skills. These games also help improve concentration, which is a skill that can be transferred to the classroom. In addition, by building their analytical skills, they’ll see their grades improve. Better grades can lead to higher self-esteem.

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Kids Can Explore a Range of Activities

When kids get to explore a variety of activities outside of school, they get to broaden their perspectives and interests. This can fuel their passion for learning new skills or participating in different activities. When after-school programs provide children with the opportunity to discover their hidden strengths and talents, these programs will be building their self-esteem as well.


Kids Get to Build Their Social Skills and Their Emotional Intelligence

Besides providing a sense of belonging, after-school programs can offer social connections. These programs can then help children develop social skills and build friendships. After-school programs also allow children to build on their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions, read the emotions of others accurately, and manage the emotions of others. Building children’s emotional intelligence can significantly boost their self-esteem as they will learn how to better function in social environments.

When after-school programs promote teamwork and social connections, children will feel accepted and appreciated. This also contributes to their self-esteem.

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After-school Activities Can Boost Their Physical Health

After-school physical activities can help boost children’s physical health as well as their well-being. Participating in group sports can help them feel appreciated for their individual skills. In addition, when physical activities help children get into shape, their body image will improve.


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After-school programs can be beneficial for children and beneficial for working parents. Need an after-school program for your children? Contact The Blue Elephant Learning Center in Frisco, TX. Our Frisco, TX after-school program can ensure your child is engaged, is exploring new activities, and is having a blast!