Family Of The Month: Cabrera Family | The Blue Elephant

Family Of The Month: Cabrera Family

The Cabrera Family, Family of the Month at The Blue Elephant Frisco Preschool

At The Blue Elephant, we strive to help every one of our little learners grow and develop into the very best person they can be. Our team of early childhood educators works hard to make every day in the classroom fun and exciting, and we structure our curriculum on the latest research in cognitive development, ensuring that our lessons are backed by proven data. But at TBE, it’s not just about lesson plans and research – equally important is our diverse, thriving, tight-nit community of learners, both children and parents.

The Cabrera Family

My name is: Mateo & Carmen

Number of family members: 6

We Love To: Play board games, go to the park, have movie nights.

Sibling Fun: We love to play music and dance together and roughhouse with each other.

Favorite Travel Spot: Our family enjoys skiing in Colorado and going to National Parks. We visited Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon this year.

Favorite Meal or Restaurant: Eddie’s Napoli Spaghetti and Christina’s is our favorite.

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