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Choosing the Best Private Preschool in Frisco: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting Your Child Up For Success in Frisco

When it comes to your children, we know you want the very best. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to navigate the choices to find the perfect match for your family. If enrolling  your child in the best private preschool in Frisco is at the top of your priority list, keep reading for a comprehensive guide on what to look for. 

What Should You Look For In A Private Preschool?

Sending your kids out into the world can be an anxiety-inducing task, but finding a reputable preschool you have confidence in will make the separation easier. When it comes to finding the perfect private preschool in Frisco, Texas and the surrounding area, consider the following elements:

  • Experience: Early childhood education can set the tone for future academic success. Make sure that when you are researching private preschools, you inquire about the experience and expertise of the staff. For example, the Blue Elephant features a team of highly skilled teachers and caregivers with high levels of experience and passion for what they do. 
  • Curriculum: Be sure to ask about the curriculum used in the classroom when you are exploring private preschool options. The Blue Elephant offers a science-backed curriculum with a holistic approach, combining instruction with creativity and fun. Beyond highly researched curriculum, other important components to your child’s growth include communication skills, physical engagement and lessons in social/emotional development. 
  • Safety: In the  modern day, safety is understandably a top concern for many parents, and the private preschool you choose should feel the same. When you are exploring your options, check in with the school to find out what safety measures they offer. We at the Blue Elephant offer multiple monitoring cameras that parents can view at any time. Additionally, our classrooms are created with the children in mind, providing age and development appropriate amenities. 
  • Atmosphere: Kids are king when it comes to high quality preschool – or at least that’s how it should be! It’s important to feel good about the atmosphere you’re leaving your child in – and for them to feel good about it, too. The Blue Elephant features three spacious kid-approved playgrounds that include safety features such as UV-light canopies and soft, artificial turf. Inside, our classrooms are spacious with plenty of opportunity for learning and play.
  • Communication: While you are browsing private preschool options, communication is key. Be sure to ask how and when information about your child will be relayed to you. At The Blue Elephant, your classroom teacher will chat with you at enrollment to discuss your child’s particular personality traits, learning styles, preferences and more. Throughout the day, you can expect to receive pictures, texts, notes and more with updates about your child. We believe in the concept “it takes a village,” and we are thrilled to be a part of many family’s villages. 
  • Flexibility: Every family is different, with a different set of needs, and those needs can change at the drop of a hat. Be sure to take note of facility hours, vacation options, special programs and more. The Blue Elephant conveniently offers After-School Programs and Summer School Programs for older students or seasonal needs. 

What To Do When You Find The Perfect Private Preschool 

When your private preschool search leads you to the perfect Frisco location, it’s time to enroll! We suggest starting early as many private preschools fill up quickly. Get a checklist of enrollment requirements and deadlines,  including tuition information. 

If your journey has led you to The Blue Elephant, we can’t wait to meet you! We invite you to contact us to set up a tour or request an enrollment form. While there are many options for your family’s first steps into private preschool, The Blue Elephant is proud to be a world class option serving the Frisco, Prosper, Celina and Little Elm, Texas communities.  Come be a part of our family! Call 469-287-0332 for details.