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Kids thrive on curiosity, and what better way to inspire this curiosity than through activities that are as creative as they are educational? Science and engineering are not just adult terrain, and it takes a childlike, curious mind to excel in these fields later in life. At Blue Elephant we believe in building a foundation of inquiry and appetite for learning early, that launches children into their future with tools for success. Enroll at our private preschool in Frisco, TX, where early childhood learning is our focus and passion, and take the fun home with these 10 STEM-inspired projects for preschoolers.

1 Build A Catapult

With a little supervision, catapults are an exciting simple machine you can build-out of a few popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a bottle cap. Demonstrate to your child how the tension of rubber bands can be used to launch small objects far.

2 Gumdrop Models

All kids love candy, and playing with food! Gumdrops and toothpicks make excellent building materials. Use the gumdrops to connect the toothpicks and see what kind of structures you can make.

3 Grow Plants from Seeds

The miracle of life cycles is fascinating at any age, and kids will get a kick out of watching a seed grow into a tiny plant. Pinto beans make great little sprouts when placed in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel.

4 Marble Run

Your child will transform into a little engineer when they design a marble run. It can be as simple as a piece of board with dowels glued to it that guide the marble in its descent or get fancy with one of those awesome marble run kits that add tunnels, slides, tubes, and levers into the mix.

5 Tornado in a Bottle

This classic experiment delights kids every time, and seems to work like magic. With just two bottles of water, tape, and dish soap, you can create a portable tornado. Add glitter for even more fun.

6 Egg Drop Challenge

If your kids are ready to handle raw eggs, or you’re ready to deal with a mess, the egg drop challenge is an amazing way to exercise ingenuity and problem-solving. Have your kids find objects around the house that they can use to protect a raw egg so it doesn’t break when dropped.

7 Tangrams

Super kid-friendly tangrams are simple puzzles consisting of polygons that can be rearranged to create different shapes. Print out a sheet of inspiration images and challenge your child to match the shapes by arranging the tangrams.

8 Grow Crystals

There are a few different ways to grow beautiful crystals with household materials, like borax, salt, and sugar. It does require boiling water, so like most of these experiments, this one requires parents’ help, but the results are just beautiful!

9 Slime!

Kids will be amazed by this mysterious material that’s sometimes a liquid and sometimes a solid. Super fun to play with and not too messy, find many different slime recipes online to choose from.

10 Learn Constellations

Kids are pretty tech-savvy at any age these days, so why not try an app that teaches you something magical about the night sky? Download a constellation app like Star Walk and show children how to search the night sky for stars, planets, and the images they form and introduce them to the vast and exciting universe.

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